About the Author

Janet has always love books and reading. She was a country music singer until she decided to stay at home to raise her son. Writing came naturally to her and she enjoys the quiet time she spends in her sock feet with her computer on her lap.

“Nightwish” was researched in Romania. Janet loved the folklore and breathtaking landscape of the Carpathian Mountains. The people of Romania didn’t speak English, so Janet had to learn some Romanian to communicate with them. They were among the most hospitable people she has ever met. She stayed with friends in Lasi for some of her stay. Bucharest was a large city with beautiful historic buildings, but the countryside was the most enjoyable place to visit.

“Nightwish” has a great deal of Romanian language in the text. She feels it was detrimental to the story.

The south is full of legend and folklore. That’s where Janet has called home all her life.. She has always believed that it’s one of the most beautiful and historic places to live. Although she has traveled extensively, she welcomes the site of the old south and home.

She enjoys the simple things in life..Family, friends and ice tea. She always says that the simple things in life are all that matter.

“Bayou Legend” was written from her experience being married to her best friend, who happens to be Cajun born. It wasn’t hard to find legend and stories among the Cajun people. This book was researched in true Cajun towns like Thibodaux, Lockport, Houma, Kraemer, Chackbay, Choctaw…towns most folks never hear of. Those are the true Cajuns. They live the life of a Cajun on the bayous. “Loup Garou” is one legend that parents have handed down to their children for decades. The stories are meant to make children behave and stay out of the woods by themselves. Whether it works or not remains to be seen.

There is a great deal of “Cajun French” language in “Bayou Legend” that was researched in the French Quarter.

Janet looks forward to writing the sequel to “Nightwish” which will be called “Nightwish II – Eriq’s Quest”. Hopefully it should be released in early 2012.

Janet would like to thank all her readers for taking the time to enjoy her books.