Wildlife photographer Olyvia Rayne has just learned of her Father’s death and must return to Pier Part, Louisiana to take care of his affairs. She hasn’t seen her father in over eleven years, having left the bayou with her Mother to live in Baton Rouge when she was fifteen. Now at twenty six, she hasn’t seen her high school friend Gunner Robichaux since she left. And he’s certainly changed. He’s now a tall, hot, mouth watering morsel. And he’s interested in her. Really interested to the point of obsession. But Oly is afraid to trust anyone. Especially a man she’s so attracted to. But Gunner has loved her all his life and will do anything to make her his.
What really floors Oly more than anything else is finding out that her father, Bolin Rayne, has left her with a healthy bank account and a steady income. This from a father she thought never even loved her. Little did she know, he did.
Gunner is the Alpha of the Loup Garou pack of Bayou Lafourche. Oly has no idea of what he’s offering her as his mate. The raw lust and passion Gunner is offering Olyvia terrifies her and she’s afraid to give herself over to him. And then there’s also the competition in the lovely wolf-bitch Kara. She will stop at nothing to become Gunner’s mate, even murder. She tries on several occasions to do just that. She burns Oly’s cabin down around her, kidnaps and beats her and nearly feeds her to the alligators. Olyvia only escapes because of the Watchers. A race of elf like creatures that can blend into the bark of the cypress trees. They are protectors of the bayou land along with the Loup Garou. Gunner rescues Oly with the Watchers help.
When Kara see’s she can’t succeed at destroying Olyvia, she goes after Oly’s best friend Gretchan. She kidnaps her, takes her to an abandoned sugar mill, and beats her just like she did Olyvia. But when Gunner, Olyvia and Cullen find Gretchan, the strangest thing happens. Cullen recognizes Gretchan as his mate. The Loup Garou finally subdue Kara and she is held a prisoner until the Blood Moon ritual that will make Olyvia Gunner’s mate. They will have open sex in front of all the pack and the Watchers. Olyvia will conceive and then afterward she’ll go through the shift for the first time into the half wolf/half human existence that is Loup Garou.
Bolin Rayne, Oly’s father, was buried by the cabin that Kara burned, in a wooden box on top of the ground. He had made a deal with the Watchers that traded Olyvia to the Alpha of the Loup Grou in exchange for an extended life as a Loup Garou. Also, with Gunner’s help he invested in oil companies and that’s where the money came from that he’s left Olyvia. He had terminal cancer and knew he was going to die. But a series of three bites transformed him also at the Blood Moon. He resurrected and to Olyvia shock was at the Blood Moon Ceremony. As Kara screamed at Olyvia as she became Gunner’s mate, Bolin turned on her a with one swipe of his claws, ripped Kara head from her shoulders.
In the end love wins the battle for supremacy. Olyvia has a second chance to reconnect with her father and spend an extended life with the love of her life, Gunner. As they run into the night after the ritual is complete, Olyvia knows in her heart that she made the right decision, and she and Gunner would love each other unconditionally.



Just when Emily Bougouis think she has her life and future figured out, all hell breaks loose. Betrayal by the only man she has ever loved is bitter on her tongue as she loses all she hold dear to her heart.Even though her world is crumbling down around her, she still performs her duty as the “Treater” or healer of the people on the bayou. The Houmas Indians come to Emily for help to save their ancient burial grounds.  Strange mystical, and frightening forces surround the mounds. Emily has to find her courage, and also a way to stop the destruction coming from a construction company’s demolition plans. By destroying the burial mounds, evil skinwalkers would be able to claim the souls of the dead buried there, denying them entrance to the afterlife. She needs help fighting them and she finds it in the strangest place. Emily is star struck when she meets Merrick Talbot, who just happens to be the head of the construction company bent on destroying the burial mounds. The handsome stranger has a shadowed past and Emily doesn’t trust him. But soon the flames of passion begin to wash away her doubt. The heat between Emily and Merrick is unbelievable, and she can’t help but lose all control around him. But can she trust him with her life? Can the love and passion she feels be enough to get her through the biggest heartache she has ever suffered? And will she be able to get revenge on those who stole part of her life away?

She must overcome her fears, and stop the evil destruction at the same time that she is falling in love with Merrick. Life can be a real bitch for a Psychic Healer!



PassionVoodoo and Curses abound in this thrilling,

supernatural story of life in the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana.

The responsibility of being the newest “Treater” rest soley on Emily’s
shoulders. She has never loved a man until she reunites with her childhood friend, Tanner Guidry. Little does she know that she is his salvation
made flesh.

The curse of “Loup Garou” is like a second skin attached to Tanner thanks to Ursulla, the wicked VooDoo witch that cursed his family when she couldn’t have his Grandfather years earlier. Now all of the men in Tanner’s family carry the curse.

Will Emily’s love and magic be enough to save Tanner from the curse and the Witch that wants to destroy him? Will Ursulla’s secret be revealed as she tries to destroy Tanner and Emily?

Or will her love spell using Tristan to seduce Emily be enough
temptation to tear them apart?





Enter the exotic world of Nisha Runninghorse, a Native American woman born part human, part demon.

The fate of teh race of Moroii Vampires and her people, the Cherokee, are tied together in an extraordinary twist of fate.

She must fulfill the prophecy to free the Moroii of Strigoi control and destroy her demon ancestor Jumlin or be destroyed herself. How will she choose between marius, the man in her visions and Batarlow, the man she was destined to marry? This sexy heroin will turn the world upside down to defend her people and the men she loves. BUY HERE